Commercial Flooring

Commercial Carpets

Gravity Flooring’s directors have been designing and manufacturing high quality Carpet and Wooden Flooring for the Commercial and Hospitality Sectors for over 40 years.

We work with Interior Designers, Architects and Commercial Carpet Specifiers to design, produce and install beautiful bespoke flooring and carpets for luxury hotels, clubs, shops, luxury super yachts and casino’s.

Gravity’s name has a long history of proud association with the commercial flooring sector, including many of
the top hotels and corporate brands in the world

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Luxury Fibre Carpets

Luxor Velvet Carpet

100% NuSilk™ CARPETS – Silky and Luxurious

Gravity’s Luxury Fibre Carpets are engineered to replicate the delicate aesthetic qualities of a natural silk carpet.

Although products made with 100% NuSilk™ are delicate and luxurious to touch, the polymer from which NuSilk™ is derived, makes it extremely durable and hardwearing.

Unlike any other natural silk or faux silk products, our NuSilk™ luxury fibre carpet has a commercial grading, making it suitable for use in a diverse range of environments such as corporate hospitality, luxury hotels, penthouses, luxury super yachts and fine residences.

In addition, whilst other natural and faux silk systems of its type retain their beauty and delicate feel after cleaning, the cleaning properties of NuSilk™ are quite simply amazing and the more you use it the better it gets.

Wood Flooring

Herringbone Floor

Timeless quality and classic style – Wooden floors built to last

Design Options:

Herringbone, Chevron and Versaille panels

Herringbone, Chevron and Versaille panels

Gravity has a long history of designing and installing bespoke panel flooring in many of best known hotels and clubs in the UK and around the world.

All our parquet flooring is produced using the highest quality wood, giving a floor covering that is hard-wearing enough to withstand the rigours of high foot traffic, yet retains its timeless beauty and elegance for many years to come. We will work closely with you to produce a truly unique wooden floor, with unlimited options, from bespoke colours to metal border-trims, backed up by expert installation and service.

Engineered Oak Wide Planks

Wide planks

Premium range – Planks
Gravity’s Wooden Floors’ timeless style and quality make them a stylish and long-lasting addition to any classic or contemporary properties.

We specialise in Engineered Oak Boards, with quality materials and workmanship at the forefront, so that we produce beautiful flooring which will keep its finish for many years to come. Based on the contemporary colours of London, our stylish Wide Plank range is available in a variety of finishes. It is available in your choice of Rustic, Select or Prime grades, each consisting of 3-layer Engineered Oak (all layers made from real oak), for that ultimate luxury feel.

Available sizes for Planks:
  • 200mm x 1800mm (1800 – 2400mm with up to 20% 1200mm – 1800mm) x 20/5
  • 150mm x 1800mm (1800 – 2400mm with up to 20% 1200mm – 1800mm) x 20/5

Special plank sizes can also be cut to order, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

As a bespoke product, our Premium 3-layer Engineered Boards have a lead time of 4 to 5 weeks from order.

Mid-range oiled Planks

As an alternative we have also developed a mid-range selection of 2-layer Engineered Boards in a range of oil-based colours. These are available with a lead-time of 2 to 4 weeks.

Contact us for more information.

We find the sight of a wide-plank wooden floor stretching majestically across the room truly stunning. Aesthetically speaking, the timeless simplicity of the wide plank is irresistible.
— Gravity Flooring

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Tufted Carpet

Tufted Carpet - Blythswood Hotel

Tufted carpet is perfectly suited to commercial applications required to fit within a budget.

This can be hotel rooms, conference centres, guest houses, reception areas, clubs.

Gravity offers several ready to order designs, or if you don’t find what you are looking for in our Tufted Range, we can make a fully bespoke Tufted product to suit you, design and colour.

This collection offers you durability, value and practical design, and with the right design input can still offer a very stylish solution.

This Bespoke Service is also available for Axminster and Wilton.

Wilton Carpet

Custom carpets - river-restaurant - Savoy Hotel

Wilton Woven Wool Carpets, uncompromising quality

At Gravity we have an extensive range of Wilton Carpet for you to choose from.

Our cut and loop ranges offer both luxury and style, providing your project with the quality finish it deserves.

Cut and look are proving to be very popular in the 5 star + market place.

Guaranteed to stand up to high traffic areas such as in hotels, resturants or shop floors, our Wilton carpets are a popular choice for commercial applications due to their strength and durability.

Remember, we also offer a Bespoke Service for our Commercial Wilton Carpets.

Axminster Carpet


Bespoke designs, unique and made especially for you.

Axminster is a machine woven carpet that is generally, although not exclusively, made from wool rich blends. Most Axminster carpets are patterned because they offer such great pattern definition and capacity of colours. Their thick, soft cut pile is synonymous with quality, durability and luxury.


Gravity does not stock Axminster ranges, instead all our Axminster is bespoke, made to meet your requirements –  This service allows you to choose both design and colour.

Choosing carpet can seem daunting, but should you need our help we will be with you every step of the way.


We have a fresh new TUFT BOX which contains 360 beautiful colours arranged in practical, easy to use, tonal groups making it the ideal tool from which to choose your perfect palette. Interior Designers love this service!

Alternatively, our FAST TRACK FINISH means that you can select up to 8 colours from one of our two Fast Track colour banks (Neutral or Traditional) to colour your design.

The advantage? Time and money. The looms are pre-loaded with these colours so we are able to produce your carpet much quicker and it is the most cost effective way of making Axminster in small quantities.


Design your own pattern, or choose something from our design library.

Since our designs and patterns are bespoke, you will need to contact us to gain access to the design library.

Handmade Rugs

Handmade Rugs - Revolution


Gravity does not stock Handmade Rugs. All our designs are bespoke, made to meet your requirements.

We are here to help you every step of the way. We will work with you to design your own weave patterns, or you may prefer to find inspiration or select a pattern from our design library.

To guarantee your bespoke design cannot be copied you will need to contact us to gain access to the design library.

Hotels, shops and other commercial enterprises often need a unique design, and you may wish to incorporate your logo or branding into the rug for that truly individual look.

We know how important colour is too, so whether its wool, silk/viscose/silka or bamboo you are after, or even a mixture of the two, we have a tuft box of each to help you make the right decision.

Available in Bespoke Hand Knotted and Bespoke Hand Tufted constructions.

If you need an explanation of these constructions please feel free to call us on 01784 440 184