Furniture Elevation System

This method of installation enables you to re-carpet occupied office areas without the need to remove any furniture – saving you time, money and disruption.

  • We arrange a suitable time to conduct the installation which will be out of hours.
  • We come in overnight or at the weekend, take up the old carpet and replace it with carpet tiles using our specialised furniture jacking system.
  • You come back in the morning and, depending on the size of the area we are doing, you will have new carpet in your offices.
  • Please Note: With the furniture elevation system we can only replace the carpet with carpet tiles or wood.
Installation Services

Here at Gravity we manufacture and install our own carpets, and our operatives are trained from the moment they join us to the deal with the variances in carpet materials and patterns, which means that in each and every installation gaining a pattern match is not issue, and neither do we have any bows.

For this reason we are renowned for our installation expertise, and are able to achieve success not only on our own Axminster carpets but on other manufacturer’s products too, even where many others may admit defeat.


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