Feels Like Silk

Silky Velvet (100% NUSILK™)

Silky Velvet carpets are designed to retain all the delicate qualities of natural silk, with additional characteristics that provide superior performance and a longer life.

Our NuSilk carpets feature antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, allowing the carpet to work as a natural humidity regulator and air quality filter.

This carpet colour changes with pile direction and light intensity giving it a silky look, and because it is colourfast may be dyed any colour or hue with no risk of fading over time.

Our Bamboo carpets are constructed of a hand tufted cut pile, and are especially well suited for use in areas with heavy foot traffic, including stairs.

Bamboo is a natural and highly sustainable source of yarn that is exceptionally soft to touch, yet provides a tough material with natural anti-bacterial and humidity regulating properties.

These carpets can be cut to order, and are available in a range of custom colours to suit your style requirements.

Manufactured from 100% Viscose, these carpets are soft to touch with a silky sheen.

Best suited to areas of light domestic use, our Viscose carpets are hand woven with a thick cut pile, and are available in 6 lustrous colours.

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