Tufted Carpets

Manufactured from 100% Nylon, this range of tufted carpets is especially well suited to heavy duty commercial applications in areas such as hotel rooms, hallways and other areas with heavy foot traffic.

Nylon fibres are extremely resilient, meaning the carpets stand up well to being crushed by heavy furniture and abrasion.

Nylon carpets do not retain moisture which makes them naturally resistant to mould and mildew, and because they dry quickly when wet they respond well to regular cleaning.

Anything but plain, the Pure Plain range of carpets is available in a rich variety of vibrant colours and more muted tones to suit the decor in any space.

Oceana is a premium quality range of pure wool tufted carpets available in several ready to order designs.

In use as a fabric for over two thousand years, wool still one of the finest yarns available for a carpet.

Wool has excellent soil hiding capabilities, yet responds very well to cleaning, making it ideal for use in areas of heavy traffic and will retain its pile, colour and insulating qualities for many years to come.

Manufactured from pure wool, Serengeti is a premium quality collection of tufted carpets available in several ready to order designs.

With a thick cut pile, these carpets have all of the excellent natural insulating and fire retardant properties of wool, and will retain their rich deep colours, even in areas that see heavy traffic.

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